The University Chamber Choir in Piteå



19.00 Dom St. Petri, Bremen - CANCELLED

„Von unbekannten Welten“ – CANCELLED

The tour in Germany together with organist Christof Pülsch is postponed to 2021.

The University Chamber Choir in Piteå

The Chamber Choir of the School of Music in Piteå. The Chamber Choir of the School of Music in Piteå at Luleå University of Technology was founded in 1990 by Professor Erik Westberg. With membership consisting of students of the various programs at the School of Music, the choir currently has approximately 25 members.

The Erik Westberg's vocalensembles meeting with the artist / composer Frode Fjellheim makes me think "more, more, more." The Sami artist - who made the success of the festival Pitepeople together with, among others, Katarina Barruk - participates with all three works and it is a joy to hear His marvelous natural splendor meets the finesse of the vocalensemble, suggestive and powerful are no exaggeration words for what we get to hear when chanting chorus floats forward over Daniel Saur's frame drum and Fjellheim's sleepy synonyms in "A sister from the north". that this composer delivers music to Disney is fully logical.

Anders Sandlund Piteå-tidningen

On all previous records that I have heard with the Swedish Erik Westberg's vocal ensemble, I have always been impressed by the healthy sound, the statute of the voices and the purity of the presentation of the mighty demanding repertoire. The latest record, Chorus Gloriosus, with an even more niche repertoire than before - contemporary church music - is no exception. Occasionally, the choir has a more obscure role than before (in favor of the organ and the soloists), but everything that is sung is done with impressive high quality and the selected pieces consistently have a high standard.

Wilhelm Kvist HBL