The Chamber Choir of the School of Music in Piteå. The Chamber Choir of the School of Music in Piteå at Luleå University of Technology was founded in 1990 by Professor Erik Westberg. The choir currently has approximately 25-30 members, singers from various programs at the School of Music as well as students from Framnäs folkhögskola (Framnäs Community College).

With a repertoire of a cappella works ranging from the Romantic period to the present, the Chamber Choir has performed works by composers such as Alfvén, Bach, Brahms, Eriksson, Mendelssohn, Vaughan Williams, Rautavaara, and Sandström, as well as many works composed by the composition students at the School of Music. Albums recorded by the Chamber Choir include Den blomstertid nu kommer (Now the time of blossoming arrives)(1999), Music for a while (2003), and En ny himmel (A New Heaven)(2007).

At 2007-2008 collaboration with choir director and arranger Anders Nyberg culminated in a recording of many choral works (Korall II) as well as a concert tour in South Africa. The Chamber choir has also recorded the complete a cappella works of Wilhelm Peterson-Berger in collaboration with the Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble, released as a Collector’s Edition by the record label Naxos in 2009.

The Chamber Choir has undertaken over 20 international tours in Europe, Asia, the US, and Brazil. In 2009 the choir toured Spain and the US, including concerts in New York and Middletown, Connecticut. In the fall of 2010, the choir toured Spain again. In the spring of 2012, the Chamber Choir performed with the Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble in the production of Bara Brahms (Just Brahms), with concerts throughout Northern Sweden. The production has been broadcast multiple times on Sveriges Radio, the Swedish national radio.

During the inauguration of the Studio Acusticum organ, the choir performed along with Benny Andersson (formerly of Abba) the premier of his composition, En skrift i snön (Writings in the snow. In June 2012, the choir undertook a 12-day tour of Brazil, with concerts and workshops in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Joao del Rei, Ouro Preto, and Belo Horizonte. In May of 2013, the choir toured the Netherlands, with concerts in Amsterdam, Zwolle, and Zutphen. The Choir has also toured Sardinia, Italy in cooperation with Conservatorio di Musica G. Pierluigi da Palestrina di Cagliari through the Erasmus project and undertaken an international tour to Vancouver, Hawaii and San Fransisco. They also released their latest CD To See a World with music by Sven-David Sandström, Ludvig Norman, Tomas Jennefelt and others.